Carly Redwood Partners With The Small Consultancy

The Small Consultancy strengthens client value proposition partnering with Head of People & Culture

The Small Consultancy, a leading provider of flexible in-house recruitment solutions for PE/VC portfolios, startups, and scaleups, today announced a strategic partnership with Carly Redwood as Head of People & Culture.

On the partnership, Managing Director of The Small Consultancy, Caroline Hall; “So excited to have Carly join The Small Consultancy. She brings a wealth of experience solving people and culture issues for startups and scaleups. She has a hands-on way of working, with innovative ideas and initiatives that help founders and employees create happy and productive places to grow.”  

Carly brings extensive experience in executive coaching, HR, and people strategy. Her expertise will help The Small Consultancy’s clients build stronger teams, cultivate positive cultures, and achieve sustainable growth, bridging the gap between recruitment and HR. 

Carly’s services include:

  • Founder and leadership coaching
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Talent retention and development programs
  • Enhanced onboarding processes
  • Employment law guidance

The Small Consultancy’s commitment to providing flexible, fractional support means that clients can access Carly’s expertise as needed, without the overhead of a full-time hire.

Carly Redwood commented; “I felt partnering with The Small Consultancy will allow us to offer a seamless service from talent acquisition right through to talent retention – making sure we have the right people in the right positions at the right time – and that’s something we can offer together.” 

About The Small Consultancy

The Small Consultancy provides in-house recruitment support to PE/VCs and their portfolios of scaleups and startups. Understanding that many scaleups like the expertise of an in-house recruiter but do not need a full-time employee, The Small Consultancy provides their specialist recruiters on a flexible basis to meet the needs of each company. 

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