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Small things can have a huge impact

The Small Consultancy specialises in providing in-house recruitment services to scaleup companies. The key to any successful scaleup is getting the right people in the right places to allow you to continue to grow at pace – we know how to make that happen. 

We work as a strategic internal recruitment function that supports your management and hiring managers throughout the entire process from setting strategy to attraction and retention. From high-volume technical hires to c-level senior hires, we have helped scaleups ensure they have the talent in place needed to grow.

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How our in-house recruitment services for Scaleups work

The Small Consultancy works with you to develop strategic recruitment plans that will meet your growth targets. Our services include:

Our in-house recruitment services are available on a full-time project basis or on a flexible retained basis depending on your plans and needs.

We work as your internal recruitment function or integrate into an existing HR/recruitment function depending on your existing set-up and provide everything you need in-house from strategy to fulfilment. 

When our job is done, we’ll train any permanent replacements and leave you with an agile process, and trained team then grow along with your company.  

Our scaleup experience:

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The Small Consultancy was engaged with GreenJinn to join the company on a long-term basis to create and deliver on the Recruitment strategy plan for

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Janes delivers connected, verifiable, trusted and accurate open-source intelligence across defence equipment, military capabilities, security and defence budgets, markets and forecasts.  Intelligent, global recruitment for

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Find out how our recruitment projects can transform your internal recruitment capabilities and keep your scale-up growing as planned.

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If you are a scaleup, VC or PE backed company going through a period of growth or change; talk to The Small Consultancy today and find out how we can help you think differently about your recruitment and meet the challenges ahead.