A Small Success Story...


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With millions across the world left without access to essential products and services Bboxx developed a super platform which is made up of two key pillars: Bboxx Pulse®, Bboxx’s proprietary fully integrated operating system and an extensive on-the-ground network, providing sustainable access to essential products and services.

TSC was approached by Bboxx to focus on Recruitment whilst a new Permanent TA Manager was sourced for and hired. They are a super platform, transforming lives and unlocking potential by providing access to essential products and services across Africa.

Hiring for Bboxx from the UK to Africa

There was a volume of recruitment across all departments including tech, product, HR, Legal from entry-level to C-suite across the UK and Africa. This included hiring new Heads of in TOC to start the Bboxx initiative in that region. Although the business was not a non for profit organisation, budgets were tight and therefore agency use wasn’t permitted.

We hired across the board including specific targeted headhunts and examining where the advertising budget was spent and utilised in the most cost-effective way.  We created initiatives in Kenya to expand our advertising reach and working with new partners to promote the brand.

We also worked on their new HR & ATS, Cornerstone to enable the system to effectively work with the current advertising portals including LinkedIn.  

We hired a new TAM after 4 months which was in line with expectations and requirements.

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