Sustainable Recruitment In Uncertain Times

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year of significant change. While some industries have fared better than others during the pandemic, there is scarcely any corner of UK business that hasn’t felt the effects of change in some way over this time – whether that’s home working or disrupted supply chains.

Recruitment has seen a particularly turbulent time over the past six months – a recession, hiring freezes, furlough and redundancies have turned the market on its head. The hiring challenges of today look very different than they did six months ago. For companies that are recruiting, the increase in active candidates sees a shift away from search and attraction to process, assessment and selection.

An Uncertain Recovery – What Does The Future Hold?

Will we see a quick recovery in the economy (the much-vaunted V-shape recovery) or something more similar to the slower recovery after 2008? While it’s unlikely to be as long as 2008, the uncertainty on how the economy will recover, means planning could prove to be difficult. This is particularly the case when it comes to planning what your recruitment may look like for the next 12-18 months.

Whether you are looking at using recruitment agencies to hire, building a new internal function, or even re-building an internal function in the wake of covid-19; it’s important that any solution is sustainable, agile and scalable to the changing nature of the economy.

I set up The Small Consultancy to help businesses looking to scale at pace by supporting them with a flexible, agile and scalable recruitment offering, which will remain fit for purpose throughout the challenges a growing company meets.

Scalable and Agile Recruitment

With over 20 years’ experience in recruitment, sales, marketing and brand management with blue-chip companies, I felt that there was a clear need for an agile recruitment solution that would help both small companies looking to scale up at pace and larger organisations looking to reduce agency spend.

Through The Small Consultancy, I have worked with some of the biggest companies around (including Mace, Checkatrade and Tate – the latter of which I earned revenues of £25k in two months). Our approach works across a wide range of situations and settings as we provide a complete recruitment solution, from set- up, strategy and process building through to attraction, selection and onboarding.


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Our agile approach allows us to fit into your company structure where needed, whether that’s as a sole recruiter building the function from scratch or transforming an existing recruitment team to improve outcomes and performance. For example, at Brandwatch (a leading global social intelligence company), I led a team of four Resourcers in introducing new hiring and interview procedures; selecting and implementing a candidate tracking system (ATS); and rolling out best practices around advertising and candidate attraction. Our results for a number of high-profile clients speak for themselves, read more about some of our high profile projects in the case studies section of the website.

So, whatever the future for your recruitment holds – whether it’s increasing your internal capability, creating a scalable model with scalable technology that adapts along with your company’s needs or you just need a reliable recruitment solution with the commercial and business understanding to deliver outstanding people and results – speak to us.

The Small Consultancy provides solutions and strategies for all recruitment requirements. To enquire about what we can do for your company, drop us an email at

Find out how our recruitment projects can transform your internal recruitment capabilities and keep your scale-up growing as planned.