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Education Software Solutions (ESS)

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PE firm Montagu carved out Education Software Solutions from Capita at the end of 2020. Caroline from The Small Consultancy joined to focus on fulfilling the recruitment needs as well as implementing the new ATS, iCIMS. They are the largest provider of education management software in the UK.

Challenges and accomplishments in Education Software Solutions

We had a remit of over 100 hires across the 10 month period we were at ESS as well as incorporating the merger with Parent Pay which happened in June 2021.

TSC was requested to join this project based on the success of the recent completion of the Janes contract we concluded in 2020; the quality and reaction to the volume of specialist recruitment was very much appreciated.

Due to the carve out, Education Software Solutions had a huge amount of investment, of which a huge chunk was allocated to recruitment, as this was key to the success of the business in the future.

Recruitment was happening across all the departments at Education Software Solutions. Once we brought another Recruiter on board – who joined us in July and still works there – I focused on filling up positions for Product, Customer Success, Legal, Sales, Finance and Marketing, as well as finished setting up the ATS and all other BAU requirements.  With the merger, we inherited a new HR Leadership team as well as the integration of the two processes and policies, which brought some challenges and another layer of complication to the BAU Recruitment creation.